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planned maintenance

In time, all physical things will wear out.  A building’s metalwork will corrode; its plastics will warp, fade and become brittle, its timbers will decay and come under attack from fungus and beetles and nature will erode and weaken even the strongest of construction materials. If a property is not maintained it will deteriorate, its value as an asset will reduce and the probability of sudden unexpected expenditure will increase.

We can help you maximise the life expectancy of your property asset by drawing together a planned preventative maintenance programme.  This will assist building owners and/or their managing agents to better control life cycle costs, easing peaks and troughs in expenditure and showing potential purchasers or occupiers that you take a proactive approach to asset maintenance. 

We routinely prepare planned preventative maintenance (PPM) schedules identifying key maintenance needs and statutory compliance issues. Each schedule is tailored to suit your specific reporting needs and tailored to suit budgets or service charge provisions. We have prepared PPMs on property portfolios as well as individual buildings for a wide range of clients including local authorities, asset managers, owner occupiers and investment funds. We also have the complementary expertise to specify, tender and administer maintenance or enhancement works.