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refurbishment & improvement

Refurbishment, rejuvenation, upgrading, renewal, renovation, modernisation - call it what you will, but every commercial property will reach the point where it becomes less attractive to occupy or its financial viability is compromised by declining rental income and/or increased operational costs. 

Adaption, maintenance and repair are key options in ensuring premises are to a good marketable or occupier standard.  Refurbishment can also address increased operational expenditure attributable to older and less energy effective services or dated and inefficient building components. It may also present you with the opportunity to bring the building up to current statutory and environmental standards.

Spring have the experience to take a project from inception through to completion of the works on site. From conversations with you and/or your agents, we can evolve your brief advising you on the professionals who may add value to the process; the statutory consents you may require; certified environmental benchmarking such as BREEAM; the preparation and tendering of specifications; appointment of contractors on your behalf; and administration of projects through to the end of the contract term and into occupation. 

We procure work packages ranging in value from tens of thousands to several million pounds across all sectors and property types, from buildings of historic importance to modern industrial warehouses.

Our clients tell us that they keep coming back safe in the knowledge that we pride ourselves on leading and co-ordinating the professional team in order to achieve the clients’ end objective, regardless of if a property investment represents their core business or is a simply a roof over their corporate heads.