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lease end dilapidations

Invariably, there is a gap (sometimes a gulf) between the parties’ positions towards the end of a lease term - a landlord’s objective will be to protect the value of his asset, whilst a tenant’s will be to to manage and mitigate his expenses.  How and when that gap is bridged depends on a variety of factors: the quality of the advice the parties receive, their management of time and work, the events which unfold, and the negotiating strategies which each party adopts.

We strive for a strong and coordinated approach across all these aspects, having explored the context of our clients’ overall business objectives and constraints.  We are well versed in the framework of the “Dilapidations Protocol”, and with an informed and common sense approach to claims, we have a good track record in resolving things expediently where appropriate, and in assisting in the formalisation and enforcement of a realistic outcome where necessary.