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Ryan Irvin BSc (Hons)

Assistant Surveyor


Graduate with a love for travel, having gained experience working in both Australia and at the UK. New to London and keen to explore as much as possible. 


I have an interest in design and materials; putting together tender packages and assisting in the preparation of drawings and specifications are where my interests are, so I may eventually lean towards more project type work. However, at this moment I want to gain as much experience as possible within all aspects of commercial building surveying.

What makes you get up in the morning?

I really value the opportunity of getting out of the office and going to various places around London and the South East of England – days in the office are not bad as well as it means I can sometimes fit in a lunch time cycle around Richmond Park.

Modus operandi

No wasted days! Ask questions and try push yourself to the edge of your comfort zone.