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Nicholas Russam BSc (Hons) MRICS IMaPS



Father of two wonderful children and keen traveller, amateur photographer, cyclist and skier.


Early in my career, I gravitated towards defect diagnosis and pre-acquisition reporting, providing technical due diligence and defect analysis advice on a broad range of building types, from those of historical importance to new build properties.

I still enjoy those elements of my profession but these days I find myself spending more time organising and managing refurbishment projects, either as a Lead Consultant or Project Manager.  I am also extensively involved in the dilapidations consultancy part of the business, as well as overseeing Spring’s CDM consultancy service.  

What makes you get up in the morning?

This job introduces you to a broad range of clients, fellow professionals and contractors and the profession seems to continually evolve either as a consequence of changes in working practices, market conditions or statutory influences.  We have an enviable list of clients, who are a pleasure to work and socialise with.  We draw on the expertise of a great network of fellow consultants and deal with some top-notch contractors. Combine this with a great supporting team at Spring and getting out of bed and going to work is far from a chore. 

Your vision for Spring Building Consultancy

Continue to build this firm’s reputation by providing clients with the highest, most professional level of service; giving informed and tailored building surveying advice and commercial property solutions.  Stay abreast of our clients’ marketplaces and wherever practicable apply our knowledge and experience to ensure that our clients’ property assets perform to their full potential.

Ensure that Spring remains a fun and challenging place to work and that our team arrive and leave work with a smile on their face.

Modus operandi

Apply the same professional approach to each and every instruction regardless of its value and/or complexity and always remember that the clients’ property is a most precious asset to them.  Spend their money as if it were your own and meet all challenges with a smile.