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Ian Moore BSc (Hons) MRICS



Father of three fantastic young people, modernist, music enthusiast, joker, cook, trainee brewer, hat wearer. 


I’ve been involved in resolving many interesting dilapidations claims, and helped clients develop strategies for managing the dilapidations obligations associated with their portfolios and in exits from large properties. 

Refurbishment projects are always interesting - being naturally inquisitive, I like getting to the bottom of the real drivers so that money is well spent and value is generated, and learning something from every project.

Aspects of building surveying you enjoy most

I particularly enjoy the individual challenges of dispute resolution work and the teamwork and satisfaction of refurbishment projects. On a wider basis, the profession offers real variety, is quite social and down to earth, and there is always something new coming along. 

Modus operandi

Remember the big picture, work from first principles, think what you’d do if it was your own property and money at stake, keep your sense of humour, do a good job.